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Admin Console will not listen on SSL port


I have just upgraded our Wildfire server from 2.4.3 to 2.6.2 and while the upgrade has appeared to have happened rather smoothly, I have only just noticed that the admin console no longer listens on it’'s ssl port (9091), but 9090 is fine. I cannot find any error messages for this in the logs. All I could find is the following:

07:16:51.227 INFO org.mortbay.util.Container.start(Container.java:74) >16> Started WebApplicationContext[/,Wildfire]

07:16:51.239 INFO org.mortbay.http.SocketListener.start(SocketListener.java:204) >16> Started SocketListener on

07:16:51.241 INFO org.mortbay.http.SunJsseListener.createFactory(SunJsseListener.java:185) >20> jetty.ssl.keystore=/opt/wildfire/resources/security/keystore

07:16:51.242 INFO org.mortbay.http.SunJsseListener.createFactory(SunJsseListener.java:189) >20> jetty.ssl.password=********

07:16:51.243 INFO org.mortbay.http.SunJsseListener.createFactory(SunJsseListener.java:195) >20> jetty.ssl.keypassword=********

07:16:51.244 INFO org.mortbay.http.SunJsseListener.createFactory(SunJsseListener.java:200) >20> jetty.ssl.keystore.type=jks

07:16:51.245 INFO org.mortbay.http.SunJsseListener.createFactory(SunJsseListener.java:225) >20> jetty.ssl.keystore.provider.name=[DEFAULT]

The last INFO line is the last mention of SunJsseListener through admin-console.log. I am at a loss to where to begin troubleshooting this. Does anyone have any suggestions (And yes, securePort is defined in

wildfire.xml :P)?

EDIT: I have just found out from another sysadmin that this was actually the case before the upgrade. So, bearing in mind the upgrade was not the root cause of the issue, does anyone have any idea why the SSL port isn’'t listening?

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