Admin Console

here is an issue I ran into when running the server, and having to add a ‘‘new’’ admin for the interface. At present, The only way that I know how to add an administrator capable of entering the admin console is by editing the wildfire.xml file and then restarting the server instance. This obviously has a major drawback at having to boot all users for the server, even for a moment so that the new change will take affect. My question is has anyone put any thought into adding some sort of function from within the admin console to add a user as an admin without having to restart the server instance?



This has definitely been considered. The goal is to have a full permissions system with role-based administration. There are still a number of urgent priorities that will probably get done first, but I think this will get added to the roadmap fairly soon.



Hi Matt,

should one create a JIRA issue so one can vote for it right now? Wildfire is really missing ACL’'s.


Thanks Matt. You know I have been running this box now for a few months. Everything is looking good, Management is happy about the product. The difficult questions are the little ones like this, admin interface on the fly, real windows intergration etc. Heck, it looks like licensing isn’'t too far off, just like to know where you guys are taking it so I know what to look forward to!