Admin controlled user lists

Before you say use search I did and it didn’'t answer my question.

I am currently playing with Wildfire and using Pandion as my client. I want to have it so when a user logs in, they load a copy of the buddylist from the server which I would control. That way user error is down to me ; )

It was like this where I used to work but they had some script that connected to their database that was for an entirely different program.

Hi Matt,

Are you wanting to completely lock down your users’’ roster list or do just want to give them a few contacts to start with? If it’‘s the former, currently Wildfire doesn’‘t really have that fine grain of control over individual users contact list. Although there has been talk of adding that sort of feature to Wildfire directly or via a plugin but nobody, at least to my knowledge, has actually implemented such a thing. If it’‘s the latter you can use Wildfire’‘s “Shared Roster Groups” feature which is accessible by signing into the Admin Console and navigating Users/Groups -> Groups -> Create New Group. However, using the shared group feature does not prevent users from adding additional contacts to their roster list, but you could use the url= plugin[/url] to automatically intercept and reject all subscription requests. It wouldn’‘t be a perfect solution but it might get you close to what you’'re looking to do.

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Hi Ryan,

is there a reason why one can download it there but not on the plugins download page? It’'s really hard to find this link.


Hi LG,

The reason I never checked the code in SVN and asked that it made available on the plugins download page was because I didn’‘t think any more than a couple of people were interested in the plugin, but it looks like that isn’‘t the case. I recently sent a couple of people an updated version of the plugin and if it works well for them I’'ll make publicly available.

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HI All,

Yes, I would like to know "wanting to completely lock down your users’’ roster list ". So, I can control which user has which contact list.

Does anyone know at least where does the wildfire store contact list in Linux even if it is xml file only.

Thanks all.


That depends on your database setting. It probably is in a database. If you’'ve setup your Wildfire server to talk to an external database, it is in that database (table: jiveRoster).

Yes, I am using MySQL.

  1. The idea behind is. I can control the user contact.

e.g. User A can view User B and User C.

User D can view User E and User F.

Obvious there NO such table “jiveUserContactList”.

I wish table like




User B


User C

  1. Therefore, I was woundeing can the Roster accomplish this task.

I am reading a post from Ryan and still digesting it
  1. If yes, does the Wildfire Opensource version has the Roster Admin Page? The only place I can see the word roster is when I click on the User/Group admin.

Thanks all.