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Admin e-mail test?

How can I change the test address?

How about a feature change so the test address is specifiable? I’‘m using LDAP, and “admin” doesn’‘t exist. And it won’'t exist. That e-mail address is attached to a directory account of a different name. The thing is looking for a user to send something to – the user doesn’‘t (and won’'t) exist, etc. Aaack!

Is there somewhere in the code I can hack “admin” to something else? My own name as an account would work (coincidentally in more ways than just the number of characters).

Hi Scott,

You can’'t really change the test address without recompiling the code, but you can look at url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=107732&#107732this post[/url] from a couple of months back on how to work around the problem.

Hope that helps,


No luck with the URL method. And the error on the page remained the same (“Where’'d you hide your user ‘‘admin’’?”).

Hardwiring the test user as “admin” just isn’‘t tenable. I’‘ll hope this is soon resolved. The setting makes assumptions that won’'t apply in a lot of LDAP shops.

LDAP on this thing is SO close to being SO good. Any marathon worth winning has a tough last 1/4 mile, though. Hope the devs see it through!

Hi Scott,

I’‘m surprised that the url method didn’'t work for you. Did you configure all the mail server settings prior to attempting to send a test message?

As for getting a fix in place for this issue, the best thing to do is vote for JM-471 to raise it’'s priority.



OK, I voted. Good grief, another account to logon to?

OK, it’‘s working now. I swear I have no idea why. But I’‘m still recovering from how weird some infrastructure problems turned out to be – during the period I was testing this earlier in the week. So let’'s assume e-mail is working.

Thanks -