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Admin not available after .deb upgrade

I inherited an Openfire installation 3.7 running on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and I used the .deb file to upgrade it to version 3.8.1. Now the admin console isn’t avaible on either port 9090 or 9091, although users can still connect, see presence information, and send IMs.

I’ve searched for troubleshooting tips, but I’m not finding an answer for this problem. What steps can I take to get the admin console back?


I had the same problem and I solved by removing openfire and reinstall

sudo apt-get remove openfire

sudo apt-get purge openfire

sudo dpkg -i openfire…deb

Not seeing this problem with a Debian / Squeeze install.

When Openfire is running, it’s not listening on 9090 and/or 9091? Are there errors in your error.log or stdout.log/stderror.log for when it may try to bind to 9090?

Are there any exceptions during startup?