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Admin password 2.6.1


I’‘ve tried the latest 2.6.2 version and I’‘m still getting the password error. I’'ve also downloaded

2.5.1 and tried that and I’'m getting the same login password error.

Login failed: make sure your username and password are correct and that you’'re an admin or moderator.

When I start the server I’'m getting one error


java.sql.SQLException: Duplicate entry ‘’’’ for key 1

I just tried for the hell of it using the embedded database and I can login without a problem.

Only when I try to use Wildfire with Mysql, do I get the password error. Not sure why, but I can

login to mysql at the command prompt using the Mysql user I created and it logs in just fine

and I can get into the Wilfire database. But cannot using the admin console.



When using the embedded database, can I still log messages? Also, I have the server

running using the embedded database, I registered myself as a user for a test and the

registration was successful. My user name is in the user/groups now. But when I go to login

I’'m getting an authentication error. Any ideas why it would let me register but then not log in?

I’‘m using Gaim for the client. I put localhost as the server name in both spots in Gaim’'s account

setup. Not sure why it’'s doing this. any ideas?



the audit log is completely independent of the database, it’'s written to a file.

If the embedded database would be running fine you could copy the content of the embedded database to mysql. If you shutdown Wifi and look at embedded-db/wildfire.script you’'ll find all sql statements which are needed to create the database. The first 40 lines create the database, the following lines are inserts to fill the database.

You may drop he mysql schema and use the mysql DDL (everything except insert) of the database/wildfire_mysql.sql script to do this and then run the last lines of embedded-db/wildfire.script to fill the mysql database. Then you need to change the database settings in file wildfire.xml and it should be running fine.

Did you configure localhost on /server-properties.jsp as your xmpp.domain? Clients should only be able to connect if you run them on your server.

Maybe you can get a DNS entry for a domain or a subdomain like jabber.myoffice.tld and conference.jabber.myoffice.tld for your server and set the xmpp.domain to jabber.myoffice.tld ?


Still having login problem. I setup the server with the hostname I have in my /etc/hosts file for my machine (ie. myjabberserver.com). The server admin console shows it running and it shows that hostname all over the server settings page. In Gaim, I tell it to use that hostname as the server and I can register new users all day long. They show up on the users sheet on the admin console just fine. But when I try to actually logon as any of the users I created I’‘m getting an “authentication failure” every time. I’‘ve run Jabber 1.4.2 on this machine in the past and had no problem logging in using my hostname as the server in Gaim. I can’‘t figure out why Wifi won’'t let me login. Help…



i´ve been posting about this strange behaviour from some time on…

In my case i´ve managed to track the issue to the mysql timeouts that are on my.conf althought I didn´t maanage to know wich one for sure.

Try to increase all of them to see if that´s relate with…

I don’'t think the login problem is related to Mysql as I could never get Mysql to work

with Wifi. I have since switched to the embedded database which finally let me login to

the admin console which using Mysql would never let me do.

Nevermind on the login problem. I’'m used to the jabber 1.4.2 server where I could login

and the user name was not case sensitive. I guess it is in Wifi. I am now able to login.