Admin password

Hi all,

I have just setup openfire latest version on our server and I hope to set it up with our active directory database. However, after I launch admin, it asks me for a username and password that I don’t know? Is there a default that I can use?

I used to have a test openfire on the same location that I uninstalled because I couldn’t remember the username/password.

Below is my openfire.xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 9090 9091
<!-- <authorizedJIDs>admins,administrator</authorizedJIDs> -->
en org.jivesoftware.database.EmbeddedConnectionProvider true

I finally started the setup by removing files that were un deleted by the setup program, now, how do I connect it with my LDAP (Active directory) server? Before it used to be quite easy, but, in the drop down menu, I don’t see an option for LDAP in the setup wizzard:

Database Settings - Standard Connection

Specify a JDBC driver and connection properties to connect to your database. If you need more information about this process please see the database documentation distributed with Openfire.

Note: Database scripts for most popular databases are included in the server distribution at [Openfire_HOME]/resources/database.

It is still very easy. That section is not about LDAP it is asking how you want to store the data for Openfire. You chose standard database instead of embedded. This means you need to provide access to an external database such as MySQL or MSSQL. This is the ideal setup IMO. After this you should be asked about how the users should be added.