Admin see all online users


I created a user in “Roster” group and all users can see it but how admin can see all users?


Do you using LDAP or Local database?

Create an “admin” group with the member of “administrator”. Openfire -> User/Groups -> Groups -> Select the created “admin” group -> Edit Group -> Enable contact list group sharing

-> Share group with additional users - All users

here u can seletc the users and the groups who can see the admin.

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I think he is asking the opposite. If you share Roster group with All users, then admin should be able to see them if you login in a client (e.g. Spark) with admin. If you share Roster group only to particular groups, then you have to include admin in one of those groups.

That is if you really want to login with admin to a client. Admin should be able to see all users in Admin Console.