Admin user deleted By mistake

Hi All,
While deleting inactive users i mistakenly deleted the “admin” user from admin console and now my admin consol is opening fine but as admin deleted i can’t login to admin consol., openfire server installed on windows 10. I am using openfire inbuilt database ( embedded database )
I need to gain access to do my daily administration tasks to create new users and get reports etc …
Can you suggest me how to fix it ?
Exp : can i recreate admin users through any back end config file ?
can i give admin/administrator rights to aready existed normal user in openfire ?
any possible way kindly share …
waiting for replies…


This issue is fixable, After endless efforts i have overcome this issue but had bad experience bcoz no one replied on my issue from comunity, I edited the HSQL and fixed the issue.
If anyone facing similar just msg here or email i will happy to fix it. Solution is bit complex no matter which OS you have or which database you are with my sollution applied for all.

Talwinder, although I appreciate your attempt to help people recovering from this problem, I would appreciate you writing down your solution, rather than directing people away from this community into your private mailbox.

In any case: To temporarily restore access to the admin console of Openfire, you can configure Openfire to use a a One-Time Access Token. This process is described in