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Admin usernames are emails, cannot login - workarounds?


i’'m sure this is a fairly simple problem but ive not yet come to understanding the infrastructure of openFire as ive yet to get past the first step

I’'m trying to setup the server to use our little LDAP server which contains the usernames etc, that seems to have gone fine, however,when i try to login to the admin console it fails. Heres the situation:

Usernames are fully qualified email addresses, eg: toby@warmfusion.co.uk

it is added to the authorizedUsers param in the config but when i try to login debug.log says “only admin is allowed to login” and if i use admin it says “admin user not found”. Additionally, checking the warnings shows:

Invalid username found in authorizedUsernames at openfire.xml: toby@warmfusion.co.uk

so obviously i cannot have emails as usernames in openfire, how can i solve this problem as we use email for login for EVERYTHING else, svn, secure http, webdav, if its got login it uses email, so why not openfire

Anyone got any hints to get around this wee problem?

Cheers, Toby

You can’'t use the @ symbol in a username, because a complete JabberID contains an @ too.

This is NOT an valid JabberID:


You could try to replace the @ with something else, but you can’'t use most of the special characters. Another way would be to escape it with \40


(see JID-class)


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simple as that

Will have to see how this affects the login processes for gaim/pidgin and so forth but at least i’'m into the admin console

Thanks for the simple solution, i’'d thought about it being something like that but its good to hear it from someone whos certain


Edit: Fixed the problem for login by changing authorizedUsers to:


this allows login for the console which is handy, pidgin wants the \40 in the account details as well which is a pain but at least it keeps the email as username thing working.