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Administer Openfire from Java app

Hi all,

I am new to Openfire and XMPP for that matter and have a few questions that I am hoping someone can answer…

Can I administer an Openfire server from a standalone Java app? Meaning, can I have some Java application create/control MUCs, users etc either by embedding the server within the application or using some “connector” to remotely administer the server? Can a standalone client do this? ( using SMACK or some other client api). Basically, I am looking to control the server programmatically.

Another question. Can you control who posts on a MUC, for example, only one user has post permission, while others have only read permission?

Sorry if this has already been answered someplace else, but I have been unable to find it anywhere.

Thanks for the help ahead of time!

Howdy! I would say you could accomplish all of these things by writing a simple XMPP ‘bot’ with Smack and doing some configuration choices in Openfire. First off, you would want to set Room Creation Permissions under the admin console to “only specific users can create a chat room”, and make sure the user you will use to perform this function is listed as someone who does. After that, frankly, it’s a matter of following the lore in:


To set up chat rooms with proper permissions so that only the moderators can talk and/or doing all of the dirty work to set things up. It’s not going to be trivial to write probably, but I think that will be your cleanest way of handling it without having to do custom stuff like a plugin or something like that!

Thanks for the quick response! Thats the answer I was looking for.