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Administration Console listening port


I have to separate Administration Console connections from other stuff. Is there any possibility of change the default TCP port (e.g. 9090) in order to separate console from plugin servlets?

for example:

http://example.com:9090/ (administration console and nothing else…)

http://example.com:9999/… (plugins and so on…)


Hi Radoslaw,

that’'s a vulnerable point, are you refering to the presence plugin? Most or all other plugins should be used only by an admin.

There is no way, and you can’'t bind it to another ip address than the xmpp server.

You could bind Wifi to all addresses, use a firewall to block access to port 9090 and use an reverse proxy on the same server listening on 9999 with URL filter to access only certain URL’‘s. Apache mod_proxy and mod_rewrite could do the job. But that’'s not an easy solution.



Thanks! The solution with mod_proxy or mod_rewrite sounds very nice to me. I’‘ll test it as soon as possible! Fortunately, I’'m acquainted with question of Apache configuration very well.