Administrative login - crazy issue

All -

I have configured 3 openfire instance pointing to an external mysql db.

I use custom JDBC user provider. Now the way it is configured is that it looks up database openfire for its own properties like xmpp domain, adminauthorizedJIDs and so on. Then looks up user provider for loading the users.

The issue is that I cannot login with adminauthorized JID in to console login. Worst, no relevant logs other then failed attempt by this user.

Anyway to up the login level so that gives me some error.

I have ensure xmpp.domain and adminAuthorizedJIDs have same domain after @ of the user, still this issue occurs.

I have sucessfully done previous 2 set ups with exact same configuration. Cannot seem to figure out why this should happen?

As FYI - I am running on ec2 and using ec2 DNS as FQDN everywhere in xmpp.domain and admin authorized JID.

Please help!