Administrator login credentials


I need to log into the Openfire Admin console (3.9.3) as we’ve switched to a new domain controller and need to make the update so Spark will work again, only I’ve drawn a blank on what the details are.

We installed this so long ago that nobody knows what the admin login is. I can’t remember even seeing the inside of the admin area myself so wonder if it’s possible for an account not to be set up during install? This just can’t be right though, there must have been one at some point.

Either way, is there a way of resetting this, or finding what it is? I wanted to ask in case there was a way of doing this before reinstalling the Openfire console which i’m not even sure would resolve the problem anyway.

If anyone knows the best thing to do from here it’s be very helpful, and yes, I DO plan on making sure everyone here knows the password from here on!

Many thanks