Advanced connecting to server using Jabber-net library

Hi, I have a little problem with connecting to my local server ( OpenFire ), becouse when I drag JabberClient control, set a properties and call Connect method everything is oki, I see in the admin console in OpenFire that session is established and I’m logged in, but when I set a propierty SSL = true, I have an error in Visual Studio 2008 and application crashed, this same problem a have with trying use http binding. I just started use jabber-net library and all xmpp extensions, so I know that maybe my problems are very simply, and funny but I will be very gratefully for some help or advice. I just don’t know how to connect using SSL, and the second thing is how to use http binding?

P.S. In this whole case, I will ask too, what with SASL mechanism? I don’t see even something like this in the JabberClient control, is this default implement? I see only the namespace named sasl, but is there some way to bind it with connect method?