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Advanced Enterprise support for OpenFire

Good day,

I am the lead Network Architect at Kronos INC. I have been evaluating openFire and jitsi and have been testing it in a closed Lab. There are still some bugs we need to work out and I am trying to get some help on forms to get the Jitsi video conferencing working correctly. In the event we get all this working and like the product, can we purchase an Enterprise support contract for advanced troubleshooting, bug related fix’s, and integration into systems that we have here? Feel free to private message me with the info, and we can also set up a confrence with my team and the sales/developers to discuss further if possible. Thanks in advance

There is no official Enterprise support on this site anymore. Unless someone is providing their own support by a separate company.

As wroot said, there is no official support team for Openfire and it’s plugins including the Jitsi Videobridge. Most of the work being done here at igniterealtime is by part-time volunteers for various personal and corporate reasons. The source code to everything is on GitHub and you are welcome to improve upon it and fix bugs.