Advanced LDAP configuration problem


I’‘ve tried to find clue to fix my problem on the forum, but I didn’'t find it…

I’'ve got a wildfire running, with ldap connection to authentifcate the users.

My LDAP tree looks like this one :


|-- ou=roles

| cn=jabber


|-- ou=groups


|- ou=person

| uid=jabberuser

ou=roles contains a collection of groupOfNames objects. In each roles, users’'dn are listed in member attributes.

ou=person : contains the user objects.

What I want to do :

1 I need, at first, to look it the user id present in my jabber role (looking into the member values)

2 if the user is present, authenticate it in the ou=person tree (I search using the uid field).

I understood that I need to use the alternateBaseDn but I can’'t figure out how to make it work.

Does anyone have an idea what how I need to configure it ?

Thanks a lot.

Walid. may be interesting and contains also two links to other threads in this forum by Cameron.


I’'d like to thank you a lot,

I’'m going to test it