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Advanced Room Creation Permission Settings

Room Creation Permission Settings[/b]

Right now there is:

Anyone can create a chat room.

Only specific users can create a chat room.[/i]

How about if there was another panel beneath this one just like in muc-room-edit-form.jsp where you could limit what options rooms can be created with.

One example where this would be very useful is with rooms being persistent and listed in the directory. If you look at some servers they have hundreds or thousands of poorly named rooms with no one in them. I think that if you could let anyone create a room, but disallow setting it as persistent, then you could reduce clutter. Then admins could set popular, and proven rooms to be listed in the directory.


I like this idea. The enhancement that you are suggesting is a prevention measure useful for servers with very high traffic where the maintenance cost may be an issue. The downside of this idea is that people are going to be restricted. Anyway, this may make sense for certain communities.

Other option that I can think of is to have a clean up process of unwanted room. This process would remove unwanted persistent rooms. This option won’'t restrict users so if the community is “dangerous” then unwanted rooms may appear in the rooms directory. Anyway, maybe the problem should be solved by limiting the people that are accessing the server.

I would like to hear the opinion or requirements of other people on this matter so we can agree on the enhancement specification.


– Gato

Ok, persistent rooms are now removed from the list after some period of idle (7 days?). This is still hardcoded, need to be settable. Cant find JM issue of this.

I think option to restrict people to create persistent rooms could be added. People will choose server which is fitting them My users even dont know they can create persistent rooms and they are happy with that

Maybe in the regard of preventing “unwanted” rooms from being displayed in rooms directory there could be an admin console option that prevents user created rooms from being listed in the directory. Perhaps this is overly restrictive but it is another possible solution to the issue of “unwanted” rooms.

I posted this idea a while in the development forum but it is applicable here. I would like to be able to change the option descriptions sent to the clients when creating the rooms.


I think JM-79 can fit these needs. Just to be sure. Will i be able to disable some MUC configuration options (ability to set room persistent, to set room visible in directory, etc.) in this Default values form?

I think that is the New Feature request I saw prior to making the post… but I think it is referring to the default form[/b] settings. Right now when you create a new room in the web admin, the default form settings are always the same. So I think JM-79 is about remembering what settings to have already filled in, so that people making a lot of rooms don’'t have to keep changing things for each one they make.

For the restricted options available when a public user makes a room, I think the more flexibility for the admins the better. It won’'t be useful in all situations… but Jive Messenger is more than just a replacement for IRC. It is being used in a lot of small, and focussed situations.

For instance, some communities might not believe in moderation. In such environments, you could go to any chat room and know that it will be free from operator rule. Or maybe some users aren’‘t using your server because some rooms are logged, and some aren’‘t, and they don’'t want their stuff logged but they are never sure which rooms are which so they just go back to EFnet.

My example in the original post was specific, but is by no means the only use for such a feature. If an admin doesn’'t want certain types of rooms to be created on that particular server, and he has no means of controlling this, then he will end up disabling ‘‘all users can create rooms’’ and just make them himself. So rather than thinking of this as adding further restrictions, I was thinking it would actually increase freedom since then that admin could enable room creation minus the features that would get in the way with whatever his particular mission is for that server.