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Advantages of using services

Hello, I am trying to understand the implementation of “conference services”.

In my case I want to add some logic based on user information they can only join certain rooms.

So let’s say the user has the “abc” code:

I could implement this by having rooms under a service “abc”
I could have all the rooms under the regular conference service and use a convention like “abc-room” for the room name.

Is there one logical advantage from one to another or it would be just a matter of preference?
Is there any performance advantage of splitting in services?

(I’ve modified the first line of your message to clarify the type of service that you’re referring to).

There typically isn’t that much value in having multiple MUC / conference services. Services can have distinct default room configuration, which at times is convenient, as well as some other settings. It is rare that this is of particular interest to anyone using a run-of-the-mill setup. They can add some value in specific cases though.

One thing that you could leverage is that each service is a uniquely addressable entity, and all rooms managed by that service include that unique service name. This makes it a lot easier to write a custom plugin (eg: a packet interceptor) that operates on stanza sent to/from one service, but not the other.