After 6 mins Jabber server sending End tag "</stream:stream>"

Hi All,

I am implementing JabberIM client in J2ME for mobile devices.

Issue is:
while running the application, approximatly after 6 mins Jabber server sending me End tag “” as we know after receiving end tag we can’t perform any actions W.R.T jabber IM client.

i am not getting why server is sending end tag without requesting end tag from client end.


  1. Mobile client is not idle
  2. I checked with Requests and responces there are no errors

1.From desktop jabber Client (i.e Soap box) i could see that, for every 30sec client sending some empty tags to server(unknown headers,no body)

please help me on this even i couldn’t find in google.

Thanks in Advance


You need to send a white-space ping or XEP Ping to the server routinely to keep your session active.