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After OpenFire 3.8 Update - Spark not showing Contacts

This morning I updated our OpenOffice install to 3.8. Install went well, but now Spark 2.6.3 is not showing any Contacts in the Contacts tab. Is this something that will automatically fill in after a few hours, like when a new user is created in OpenFire? Or is this another issue? I have restarted the OpenFire server, uninstalled/reinstalled the Spark 2.6.3 client. The issue is in both the Windows and Mac clients. Not sure what else to try.

Thank you forward for any type of help.

Are your users populated from LDAP/Active Directory? if so, grab the latest nightly build which fixes this issue.

I am having the same issue, who to do I grab the lest night build?

Download page has a link.


Thank you this worked…

How do I apply the build to 3.8? I do not want to over write my current settings…


Backup your conf directory and embedded database if you are using it. You can pretty much just unzip the nightly and copy in the lib/ and plugins/ directories.

I am new to the application… 15 minutes new.

I copied the conf folder to another location:

C:\Program Files\Openfire\conf

**Database: **

I am not sure what and where the database is. Do you have any direction for me?


Found the database link.

Looks like we are using a SQL database on another server.

Do I need to backup the settings some how? Or will it reconnect?

Settings are in conf/ or in the database. I would just backup all of the Openfire directory so you can roll it back easily.

Alright. Thank you.

Please verify my process.

copy the entire Openfire directory to another location

unzip the nightly build to the Production Openfire location

Copy the Conf folder back into the Production Openfire location

Start the service



I am back up.

Have a great day.

I am having the same problem as the OP. Grabbing the latest nightly build did not help.

The users show up in the admin console, so it appears to be pulling from the Active Directory. Also, users show up if you search for them in Spark.

The only problem seems to be that nothing shows up in the Contacts tab in Spark.

Any other suggestions besides the nightly build?


Something related to this, when I add a user to the AD group, it shows that the users are indeed in the chat group within the Openfire web management portal, but these new users cant see the rest of us, and we cant see them. I’ve restarted the Openfire service. What do I need to do?