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After reinstalling openfire, my online users have disappeared

I did not set up the 1st installation of Openfire, and when none of our users could login this morning, getting invalid user name and password, I reinstalled Openfire 4.3.2.

It is LDAP authenticated, users can login successfully now, but they do not see the other users like they used to see them once they login.

What is the setting property that drives which users to display once they login?

Thanks in advance

It seems that maybe you have lost shared rosters setting after the upgrade. I think that when you reinstalled maybe you selected different database than what used before and therefore your group settings are lost. Also on LDAP screen you had to specify a proper filter to pull users and groups. You can go to Admin Console / Users and Groups / Groups. If you see groups with your users, go inside each group and enable sharing in contact list (i presume sharing to all can work for you). If you don’t see groups there, then share you Openfire LDAP settings here during Openfire setup. I don’t have experience with LDAP, but maybe someone else would suggest something.

1-When I have the following setting:
LDAP: OU=“Internal Resources”,DC=“vrc”,DC=“com”
User Mapping: sAMAccountName
User Filter: (objectClass=user)

I see computers and users in the users lists and I cannot login to Spark (get invalid username/pwd with all users).
But I get groups with:
Group field: CN
Member field: Member
Group: filter: (objectClass=group)

2-When I have the following setting in LDAP:
OU=“Internal Users”,OU=“Internal Resources”,DC=“vrc”,DC=“com”

I see my users only and they can login to Spark successfully.
But I do not get any groups.

Here is the relevant AD schema:
L2–Internal Resource (OU)
L3—Internal Users (OU)
L4----HR (OU)
L5-----User 1 (User)
L5-----User 2 (user)
L3—Groups (OU)
L4----HR (Group)
L5----Spark Users (Group)
L3—Internal Computers (OU)
L4----Location 1 (OU)
L5-----Computer 1
L5-----Computer 2

Thanks in advance

As i’ve said, have not real experience with LDAP. @speedy?

in openfire, try resharing the roster groups (disable/enable). that should fix you up as long as nothing else has changed