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After upgrading from Spark 2.7.7 to 2.8.1, some users don't appear online

I upgaded all my computers to Spark 2.8.1 (note I am still using OpenFire 3.9.1).

Since the upgrade, sometimes when a user logs in, they appear offline to everyone else (as if they were invisible). You can still message them and they and can still message you, just that their status appears offline.

The problem seems kind of random. Toggling from online to invisible and back to online does nothing. Logging out and logging in does nothing. Closing Spark and restarting it does nothing. Restarting the computer does nothing. But sometimes, for seemingly no specific reason, the next login or the enxt day it will work fine and the person appears online as normal.

Additionally, it seems to happen to some users more than others, and for some users it has never happened.

I haven’t see this exact issue. But i suspect the cause might be the same as with Spark getting stuck on Away presence, or when the window flashes, but it doesn’t show the new message. Its installer only rewrites files that have been changed, but it doesn’t remove files that are no longer needed. So maybe old remnants are causing this (like idlelinux.jar, etc.). You can first check the logs for some clues at C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spark\logs

And then try clean reinstall of Spark and then wiping everything in user’s profile except for settings and transcripts.