Again: problem with adding ICQ-contact to contact list

After experiments with different transports (PyICQt, IM-Gateway), clients (Miranda, Pandion, Spark) and client settings I find that problem with adding an ICQ-contact to contact-list is occur if contact, which must be added to my contact list, require authorization for adding them to my contact list.

IM-gateway didn’'t send authorization request to contact. PyICQt send this request succesfully - because of this there is no problem with that contacts. If contact, which must be added, cancel “Request authorization” - there is no problem with IM-gateway too.

Known issue. GATE-127

Hello all,

Actually I am using Wildfire3.1.1 in AIX machine and spark2.0.7 as client.

I configure wildfire with open LDAP which contains all users under the Base DN I mention in wildfire.xml file.

I want to add all the users in open LDAP under my Base DN to spark clients contact list/roster list.

Please help me as I desperately need it.

Waiting for your suggesions as well as solutions.

This isn’‘t an IM Gateway related question as far as I can tell. I also don’'t happen to know the answer to your question. =( Try the Wildfire Support forum?