AIM Encoding Problem

There seems to be an encoding issue with AIM as I recieved this in my IM window:


when “he” should be displayed (ampersand) = &



GATE-53 =) Thanks!

Wonder why it’‘s doing that? I’'m running messages through a “kill the html encoding” parser. =/

I’'m very confused now. I can -not- duplicate this no matter what I try. Whay IM client were you using and do you have any idea what IM client the person on the other end was using? Also which direction was this message coming? (ie, were you receiving a message through the plugin, or did you send a message through the plugin)


I will ask the person which client they were using next I can. I recieved the message inside of spark. I will let you know if it happens again.



Ok thanks! I’‘ll do some testing with Spark as well, but yeah, I can’'t get this to show up. =/ It is possible that their client is doing something odd. (like pre-encoding the message with html special characters, or double encoding it)