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AIM login details rejected

Hi there,

Every time I try to enter my login details for my .mac AIM signon I get the following message back:

“Your registration was denied because the username you provided was not valid for the service.”

Is there a way to make Spark accept my username/password so I can sign on?

No one knows?

Hi Russ,

Spark, by itself, can’‘t talk directly to .Mac/AIM. Rather the XMPP (such as Wildfire/Openfire) server you’'re connecting to would have to have an AIM transport connected to it. Are you trying to login through your own server?



That is correct, our company has a Wildfire server set up which I can log into with Spark no problem, and the AIM gateway is installed on it. Other people are able to log in with regular AIM handles, so it is just my @mac.com account that does not work.

Thank you for your reply. Let me know if there’'s any additional information I can provide that would be helpful.


it may help to post this question also in the Gateway forum with a link to this thread. Maybe Spark or the Gateway plugin itself validates "@aol.com" and drops other AIM domains.

Do you see any errors in Spark/logs/error.log ?