AIM offline messages

I looked in my database and I don’'t see any offline messages for AIM. Are they currently not supported, or are they forwarded to oscar for storage?

The AIM transport would always be “running”, so the messages wouldn’‘t end up in offlineMessages because they’‘re in theory actually making it to the transport. ICQ offline messages are handled server side just like any real ICQ client. AIM itself doesn’‘t really support offline messages . . . until apparently AIM 6 which came out very recently. In theory you should get a rejection that the person is offline and the message can’'t be delivered. Is that not happening?

No there is no rejection notice, the messages are sent normally. But Oscar must not handle then like AIM6 messages, because with all the tests I did, not one offline person got my messages.

Well even if I tried them like AIM 6 messages (like I said, that functionality was just added. no way I would have gotten it into the release yet)… most of the AIM clients don’‘t have support for it so they’'d never get the messages anyway. (the client has to request offline messages itself to retrieve them)