AIM outward presence - Show's openfire users offline until message sent

Using openfire 3.5.2, IM gateway 1.2.3, on Solaris

I have a set of users that use the AIM gateway. It seems to work except every once in a while there are some presence issues that cause a lot of problems.

They are pretty intermittent, and I haven’t found anything conclusive in the log files.

What is happening is this - an AIM transport user will appear offline to the outside AIM world, even though he is logged in and can see everyone else’s presence just fine. Once he messages someone, his presence corrects itself.

I checked the log files and all I could find for the user is the following in error.log

Is this a known issue fixed in the next version of openfire/IM server? I’ve been putting off the upgrade due to other issues posted in the openfire support forum that I am afraid of, and I have heard of additional issues with the IM gateway plugin as well.

Also, what are these entries to the error log indicative of?

I have a second IM gateway user experiencing this same issue now. Similarly, openfire is logging the “jcl” errors for this user as well. These are the only users for which the “jcl” errors appear (ie: I use the AIM transport, have not experienced the issue, and do not have jcl errors logged).

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Users are still having the issue.

It seems to be set off by the user going idle for a while (ie: user goes to lunch, comes back and the Transport plugin gets hosed up).

Is there any setting that can be adjusted for the idle timeout? Could this be a presence update issue where the IM plugin in not refreshing the status of users to AOL?

Support for the gateway plugin from the developer has been suspended. There is no timeframe for when or if the support will return.

Thanks for the reply, I’m not sure how I missed the notice on that one.