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AIM Transport

I’‘m a newb looking for help. I’‘ve set up and configured my jive messenger server (on a Win2k box) but I’'m looking to implement aim transport. The pyAim-t looks to only be useful in a linux environment, and the aim-t links I followed the actual file I got was called aim.xml, if this is the correct file what do I need to do with it to be able to configure my server for aim transport.

If anyone can send a link that might answer all my questions, or even let me know where ot look in the forums (as i’‘m sure this isn’‘t the first time this question has been posted, my apologies) I’'d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for the help in advance.

If its not possible then if someone could please comment on that as well it’'d be appreciated. thanks.

I’‘m not mistaken, but I thought PyAIM-t could be used on Windows if you install all the proper modules and such. I could be wrong. I think the original aim-t was a component for jabberd 1.4.x, meaning it sort of became part of the server. If this is not the case, though, and it’‘s an actual program that exists outside the server, your aim.xml file would contain all the information needed to have it talk to JM. You’'d need to make sure the external component port, secret passphrase, etc., in JM is the same as what you put in your configuration file for aim-t.


Thanks for the help!