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All presences null


The presence of all the RosterEntries in my Roster are null, even though some of them are online. What can be wrong? I automatically accepted all subscription requests (), maybe I should I ask those RosterEntries in return to be able to retrieve their presence?

I am using an older version of Smack 1.0.1, but that shouldn’'t make a difference, right?



Please test with the latest release of Smack. It’‘s quite possible that you’'re running into a bug that has long since been fixed.



Hi Matt,

The version I’‘m testing with is the version I’'ve ported to J2ME. Upgrading to the latest Smack release would mean a lot of work. Do you have a pointer what that bug could be? That way I can solve the problem for now and port a newer version of Smack when I have the time for it.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


Unfortunately, I’'m not sure what the bug might be. A few things you could do:

  • Look through the changelog and issue tracker to see if the bug fix was noted.

  • Use CVS history to look for a bug fix.



Unfortunately I get a ‘‘Bad Gateway!’’ error when I try to browse the CVS repository…

Hi Berco

I have done some basic testing on the smack 1.4 J2ME port I did. So far, it appears that login, chat, roster, presence, messaging are all working.

Would you like me to email you the port for your testing?


Hi Keith,

Yes, please! That is excellent news. Did you test it in the emulator or on a real phone?

My e-mail address is: cybercomedia2b.net

Thanks in advance!