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Allocate more memory for openfire - usage of java x64

I’ve been struggling with a huge memory consumption of openfire, like forever. I want to increase the allocated memory for openifre but i’m not able to set -Xmx parameter within my vmoption over 1472m. If i do so, openfire simply won’t start.

Even if i’m running Windows Server 2008 R2 x64, Java 7 x64 i’m not able to allocate more memory for openfire. I think, this is because openifre does not use the Java 7 x64 version installed on the system by me, but uses the internal java version which comes with the openfire.exe install package - right? And that Version of Java ist x86 (32-bit).

If i’m right so far, how to increase the working java memory of openfire. How to use the full potential of the java 7 x64 version?

I found this document in here asking the same question back in 2013 but did not get any valuable answers. This rexent post asks about my question within the comments also. This document isn’t very helpful, because it seems like a “hack” and not an official way. Plus it seems like it’s lacking the latest version of openfire.

Did i missed something? Maybe it’s easily to be done? I hope so and looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I’m able to increase memory for openfire to 2 GB but find no way to use java x64 with latest versions

http://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/make-32-bit-applications-use-4gb-virtu al-memory-in-64-bit-windows-7-systems/

With this patch i’m able to run openfire with:



You should patch only openfire-service.exe.

Hello, I’ve interest on this too. All that I can say about: Openfire uses a Built-In JRE 32 bit version, I tried to simply change the java directory to an java 64 bit path (downloaded on Oracle site) but no sucess. I Think Openfire was developed to use only 32bit version of java.

My server runs with 6GB but with Openfire runing, only 3GB was loaded. Can’t use more than -xmx1536mb

You can run openfire with a 64bit JVM, I do it and many others do too.

In Linux maybe it is possible, but I haven’t any clue that how can I do it in windows.