Allow only access to a conference

Hi all,

Actually my server running on Openfire 3.5.1 server and i want to make filtering on external users who use Openfire to chat with a particular group of my ldap.

I use a <baseDN> like o=mycompagny,dc=fr</baseDN> for the users of my company

and <alternateBaseDN>ou=externalusers,o=mycompany,dc=fr</alternateBaseDN&g t; for the externals users.

I want to allow only access to a conference for the users who are defined in external users’ou and deny the chat with other people for those users.

Is it possible ?

Somebody have any idea?



This can be achieved with the Fastpath plugin and the Spark Webchat for Fastpath. This allows users without account to chat with a predefined list of users via a web interface for external users and spark for internal users.

Fastpast plugin isn’t reserved to the enterprise version of openfire?

because i don’t use the enterprise edition…

Fastpath is now opensource starting with Openfire 3.5.x. As is the Monitoring Service, Client Control, SparkWeb, and Spark Fastpath Webchat. Clustering is still a licensed service. The enterprise plugin is no longer needed.

Thank you very much for your answer, I am going to try to set up this plugin.

Still thank you

You may want to look at one of these:

Fastpath quickstart for LDAP

Fastpath quickstart for Local users

Additionally you will need to download and install the Spark Fastpath Webchat:

This needs to go an application server (tomcat) or can be run via the openfire server.

Does this plugin allow multi user connect in the same room?

in my case i need allow muti user to chat with specialy group and the guest account can’t speak with my internal user

after read about fastpath quickstart, i dont sure this plugin answer to my problem


This is not ruely a Multi-User Chat. Multiple guest can connect and chat but they are routed to a user that is not currently chatting at the time or who has not reached their limit of open conversations. If you need true MUC we may need to look at tweeking the SparkWeb software, which is a flash based version of Spark.