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Alternative JRE or optimization techniques?

A while back I remember reading a thread or posting somewhere on this site where someone had tried to use an alternative JRE other than Sun’s own product to run openfire. I’m curious if anyone knows of what the name of it was and have they managed to get openfire running with it?

Otherwise, I’m curious if anyone has any ‘good’ optimization suggestions to make openfire a little more lean on resource usage. I’m currently running it on a slightly underpowered machine consisting of a 400MHZ Amd K6-2, 180MB ram, and an 8GB drive running debian linux in console mode. It’s mostly the memory usage that’s getting unwieldy. At most I have 5 users connected at one time, but usually it’s just two. Aside from that and the basic setup, I just have the IM gateway plugin running and all users use it in some form or another. But the java service constantly ramps up to ungodly amounts, regularly causing the system to swap more than it really should. It gets even worse the longer I run it despite no real increase in usage from users or anything of that sort.

I’m curious if anyone knows of what the name of it was

Maybe the GCJ?

Every time performance is a problem then Java throws memory at it, best example is the use of hash maps, instead of trees. Maybe you find on EBay (etc.) an old memory module for a few dollar?

Have you tried Jabberd? It’s another XMPP-Server, written in C which complies directly into an binary, instead of executed in a virtual maschine like Java.

(they will throw me out of the community for this )

Actually, I have tried jabberd/ejabberd before but it’s mostly the full reliance on having everything set up in maldocumented config files and having to set up individual module processes with their own config files and requirements. This is one piece that had me attracted to openfire in the first place was the extremely intuitive setup/configuration/administration process. Just launch the app and log in to the web interface and go from there. But it’s reliance on the memory hog known as java is starting to get under my skin. Who knows, maybe I’ll make an attempt at getting jabberd set up again.

Memory-wise, I’m pretty much at my limit with this particular machine. Yes, I know it’s old and I’m probably due to hand it over to a much more capable box soon. For the moment though, it handles all the other applications I run just fine.

As for GCJ: That may have been it, I’m not sure. Though it does look promising. My only concern is something like openfire wouldn’t be a straight ‘compile-to-binary’ in the sense of what GCJ does without some form of rewriting of the program.

Thanks though.