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Always invisible


I use Spark at work and I’m always invisible; I always show up as being logged off even if I’m logged on. I’ve had two computers and on both of them the same thing happens. No one here at work knows how to fix it. Any advice?

So far the only advice would be to give more information about your network and server setup (i assume Openfire). Are you using local groups or LDAP integration? Do you see any errors in Spark error log or in Openfire error log?

When adding a new contact, some versions of Spark don’t handle presence subscriptions intuitively.

One way to resolve this is to issue or re-issue a subscription request to the contact that shows as invisible.

Sometimes it’s helpful to have an alternate client for testing these things out. Normally, your contact and you will have mutual subscriptions to each other’s presence.


do you have access to the admin console? You could verify the subscription states on https://example.com:9091/user-roster.jsp?username=Fat-T