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Android 0.9 Problems

Hi everyone,

So when trying to include smack.jar in my project, when trying to load PropertyDescriptor. I get the following error:

09-03 21:53:02.603: WARN/dalvikvm(286): VFY: unable to resolve new-instance 186 (Ljava/beans/PropertyDescriptor;) in Lorg/jivesoftware/smack/util/PacketParserUtils;
09-03 21:53:02.612: WARN/dalvikvm(286): VFY: rejecting opcode 0x22 at 0x0016
09-03 21:53:02.612: WARN/dalvikvm(286): VFY: rejected Lorg/jivesoftware/smack/util/PacketParserUtils;.parseWithIntrospection (Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/Class;Lorg/xmlpull/v1/XmlPullParser;)Ljava/lang/O bject;
09-03 21:53:02.612: WARN/dalvikvm(286): Verifier rejected class Lorg/jivesoftware/smack/util/PacketParserUtils;
09-03 21:53:02.612: WARN/dalvikvm(286): threadid=43: thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x40010e28)
09-03 21:53:02.612: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(286): Uncaught handler: thread Smack Packet Reader (0) exiting due to uncaught exception
09-03 21:53:02.622: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(286): java.lang.VerifyError: org.jivesoftware.smack.util.PacketParserUtils
09-03 21:53:02.622: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(286): at org.jivesoftware.smack.PacketReader.parsePackets(PacketReader.java:278)
09-03 21:53:02.622: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(286): at org.jivesoftware.smack.PacketReader.access$000(PacketReader.java:44)
09-03 21:53:02.622: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(286): at org.jivesoftware.smack.PacketReader$1.run(PacketReader.java:76)

Now, is there an already patched version of smack that implements PropertyDescriptor, and if so, could someone provide me with the link?


Jonathan Herriott

So, the issue seems to be that the entire java.beans.* library is not implemented, so I will be in need of an implementation that does not use java.beans.. Would it be difficult to modify Smack to not use them? I’ve never used java.beans. before, so I don’t know exactly what PropertyDescriptor is.

Update: There is no need to implement java.beans.*. The work-around is to put in your manifest.xml file the following line as a child of the application node:


uses-library android:name=“android.awt” />


I’m having the same problem while I receive the very first packets after login. could you be more specific ? thank you