Android and Smack: The current state of XMPP and Android

Since the information found on the internet about XMPP and Android is mostly outdated, I decided to write a quick summary:


aSmack was initiated by Rene Treffer for the buddycloud project. The last available download from him on the aSmack project page on googlecode is from December 2010. prior to that, the development was move to github. But the development stalled there also: The last commit is from Aug 2010.

That’s when I forked the asmack and smack repository on github and started to merge the changes introduced by smack 3.2.0. I also add the changes from upstream: aSmack’s codebase is now in sync with Smack’s upstream development.

  • Compiled jars for Android (may be outdated)
  • aSmack build environment
  • The used smack fork (where aSmack uses the “smack_extended” branch)

Please make sure to actually read the README

vanilla Smack

I have read some reports that vanilla Smack does also work on Android. This could be true - I have never tested it - but the probablity is high that some convinient features of XMPP won’t work (e.g. DNS SRV lookups).