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Android application

Are there any plans to develop a Android application so users chat communicate with desktop users while on their mobile phones???

There are many people using Smack to write such applications. At this time the only application that may be applicable to what you are suggesting is Spark, but I don’t know of any plan to make it Android compatible.

Try imo instant messenger

I’m sorry, that last message I posted should read

“The only application from **igniterealtime **that may be applicable”

There are, I am sure, dozens of existing Android chat applications based on XMPP. Probably more considering the number of questions here and on stackoverflow about using Smack on Android.

I’ve heard of one called Xabber from friends though I have not yet tried it myself.

You can also speak to people through XMPP if you have a gmail account setup and use gtalk on android.

to use Spark in Android Cell, dowload the aplication XABBER. I’m using this and works very nice! You have to configurate but it is simple! good luck!