Android Smack 4.1 demo project for beginners

Hi, I am new to Smack and igniterealtime community I have to make Android Application for Quick Arrangement of Meetings using XMPP.
I installed Openfire 3.10 to localhost (pidgin+spark for tests) and now I am starting with Android Smack Clients. I have been working with
Android quite long, before I did the same application with GCM but now I have to replace Google CCS/GCMAPI with Openfire/SmackAPI.

Could anybody point some good github samples for Android with Services implementation or anything useful like meisterfuu/SmackAndroidDemo · GitHub

so I could implement those smack interfaces and use smack service as componet inside my android app like GoogleCloudMessagingApi did.

Hi Dear Friend

You can use yaxin or beem but they using asmack library

now i building a library for basic4android it help to basic4android developers to make android apps using smack library for it’s apps

i will release it and sources on github

also i will release a sample app for using smack on android

it’s good sample for you

but wait for it

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Thanks man, but it has to be based on Smack 4.1.

The applicaiton will use general roster listview where users will see other users presence & show/status properties and based on them (filtering) they can

make new arrangments (send standardized messages like ‘basketball’ at ‘school’ on ‘7pm’) and wait for their responds (YES or NO), it should automatically

track their presence (connetion with openfire) and status changes (if they maybe accepted some other arrangment)

I will try first to create simple chat app between two emulators just for register to openfire and send/recieve messages between them and then i will insert roster and try other things. Do you maybe know which interfaces should I implement for the start?

And the android Service should be running in the backgroud.