Announcing a new smack application (Ajax)

Hi All,

I’‘ve finished working on an open source chat Application based on Smack API. It is 100% Ajax which is using Smack API extensively. It is well tested with Google Talk and it supports all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla. Anyone interested in the application can test drive it at . I’'ll be announcing the application and giving away its source code at in a few days. Anyone interested in the application or want to contribute, can contact me at .

Best Wishes

Umut Gökbayrak

Congrats, your app looks really good. Will it do MUCs? Can’'t wait for the source code to come out!

Hi, Claros Chat’‘s source code and whole application is available for download at Claros Project’‘s main page : . I’'d be happy to meet people interested on my project so feel free to contact me via Google Talk ( or by e-mail

I will be introducing MUC in the future releases so but for now I am waiting for the responses for the first release. If a lot of people are interested in the project I’'ll be introducing many more features. It basically depends on the popularity.

Best wishes

PS: If you like the application please rate it at the hotscripts home page : I simply want to make this software popular and reach as many people as I can.

Wow ! Really nice UI. I’'ll try to install it this week in my company and run a few tests.

Thanks for this great app!