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Announcing Jive SBS 3.0

The Igniterealtime.org community is always part of the beta process for new Jive software releases. The beta feedback we’ve gotten from community members over the past several weeks has been great. During the beta, some sharp-eyed community members (including @wroot) noticed that the “powered by” message that appears at the bottom of every community page had changed from Clearspace to Jive SBS. Not wanting to let the cat out of the bag, we quickly hacked back in a “Powered by Clearspace 3.0” message. Now it’s official: Clearspace has been re-named and we’re officially announcing Jive SBS 3.0! The release is packed full of great new features that I hope you’ve all been enjoying during the beta. A couple of the improvements that I think are especially great for Ignite: searching is now up to ten times faster and we use image sprites so that pages load faster.

For full details on the release, check out the announcement. And for a look at what Jive is all about lately, check out our manifesto. Thanks again for all your feedback during the beta!

yeap, it wasn’t just me to notice that name in the footer :slight_smile: good luck with the new name :slight_smile:

What I like best are the bookmarks (even if there are still a few problems).

I’m still missing good performance for internet users and WebDAV support. … and SVN access but this has nothing to do with Jive SBS 1.0* (;

*1.0 as this is the first SBS version