Annoying taskbar blinking when other user clicks on the chat window

When another Spark user clicks/focuses the chat window Spark will blink in the taskbar. That is what I think is happening, here is a more detailed description:

Say I send a message to another person and then close the chat window. If that other person focuses on the chat window, it will blink my taskbar as if they sent me a message when they didn’t. I have to click or close it to turn it off. But as soon as they click or focus on it again it blinks for me again even if they didn’t type anything. I’d like it to only blink if they sent a message, not simply focus on the chat window. Does anyone else have this issue?

No, i haven’t seen such issue.

What operating system and which Spark version are you using? Also, you said you close the window, but it starts blinking when they focus on their chat window. So it opens a new chat window for you again and blinks it? Or is it blinking in the systray?

It happens on our Windows 7 and also Windows 10 machines. It has persisted across several years of spark versions, we’re using 2.6.3 now. It will open a new chat window and blink the rectangular task bar icon.

Greg, have you tried the current release of 2.7.7? Also 2.8.0 should be release at anytime as well. might give that a spin too.

Don’t remember such issue with 2.6. versions, but i was probably still on XP back then. Been using 2.7 versions for 3-4 years now and haven’t seen such issue.

P.S. 2.8.0 is out

I’ve installed 2.7.7 now, I’ll update this thread if the issue persists.