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Anonymous chat

Hello. I am developing a flash based live assistant. so far, so good. but i have encountered the following problem. I am using jive server and it works fine with logins, rosters, and chats. The thing is that if i use an account such as web01, when a second web01 user comes it kicks out the first one. I would like to use anonymous accounts. When using them, i can log in, but when i send a chat message to a user, the userID comes inclomplete, so the message arrives to the live assistant, but the live assistant cannot answer the guest. I copied the send and receive traces for both an autenticated session and an anonymous one. as you can see the id of the anonymous comes incomplete (just the domain/resource, intead of user@domain/resource). any ideas?

REGISTERED USER SESSION (this one will kick a online guest when a new one comes in)

Jabber SENT:

Hola Alejandro,

If you are using registered users then make sure that for each connection you are using a different resource. Otherwise, you will have a resource conflict and by default the server will kick out the old connection.

The packets of the anonymous approach look fine. The last message should have been routed to support@zerofractal.com as long as support@zerofractal.com is connected to the server. Do you see anything in the log files?


– Gato