Anonymous user cannot add contacts to roster

Hello there!

I’m using Openfire 4.6.4 and Spark 2.9.4.

I enabled Anonymous Login, can login as anonymous BUT I cannot add contacts for this user.


I don’t get what’s wrong, any help here?
Thank you

This is the correct behavior. An anonymous user should not add other users to the contact list.
Also, an anonymous user cannot send files and screenshots.

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Where can we see this standard? I mean, which XEP?

Unfortunately, I cannot find this standard, but logically speaking. If we cannot identify the user, then how can I find out that the user Anonymous1 has two friends in his contact list and the user Anonymous2 has 10 friends.
Therefore, Anonymous users cannot add a contact list.

If you want to use the full functionality, then create an account for the user)

Thank you for your response, for the file transfer part, why is this the case?