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Another 2.5.4b1 bug (could be the gateway plug-in)

I frequently see ‘‘offline MSN gateway users’’ appearing in the roster even when I’'ve set Spark to group offline users in the offline group.

I’'m presuming this is a Spark issue, but could be related to the gateway plug-in. Anyone else? This seems to have occurred in Spark 2.5.2 and later but I probably moved to the beta gateway plug-in at the same time so that could be related.


my thoughts are its the gateway plugin…

I’‘ve seen it on icq contacts and msn contacts, but never aim contacts its a strange bug indeed, bud i’'ve only ever seen it on transport groups, never in any of my “openfire” groups.

There was a thread about this before in the IM Gateway forum. There’‘s no way as far as I know that the plugin could cause something to be in a non-offline group when the client is supposed to be handling grouping offline contacts into said offline group. In other words, the plugin has nothing to do with the group named offline. It’‘s not a real group, it’'s a pretend group created within Spark. At most the gateway plugin could be putting the contacts in a group called Offline, but that would look different in the Spark interface (at least based off my understanding of how it displays things) I have no control over said offline group. =/

Now, if said contact is showing up as something other than unavailable, that would be my fault. =) So is the contact indeed showing as unavailable, just not properly grouped?

Hi Guys,

I see the issue. Filed SPARK-778 to fix this issue.


What happens is that Spark shows the user as offline (an unlit status symbol next to the roster item).

However, that item is shows in it’'s original group when obviously what it should do it display it in the offline group.

So, it does look very Spark related. The only other option is that the presence information stored about the object is slightly different from a regular offline user so Spark is misunderstanding what it’'s been told and considering it online?