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Another AD integration problem (pls help)


I’m using openfire documentation oabout connection,

and when i tyle the information on setup even if they are bad and i test connection I dont have any information about wrong connection credential,

Lets say my domain is “test.local” and AD user is in test>dummy>IT

So i write i configuration:

server type: AD

Host: (ad ip)

Base dn: DC=test,DC=local

Administrator DN : cn=redman,OU=IT,OU=dummy,DC=test,DC=local (i tried as well with cn=redman,CN=IT,CN=dummy,DC=test,DC=local)

Profile Settings: User Mapping (i don’t change anything i want openfire to find all users )

Profile Settings: Group Mapping (i don’t know what to chenge here so i leave how it is)

Add administration account i trying to add my acount: redman

and… “No username was provided or the specified username was not found.”

Could u help me because i don’t know where i’m doing a mistake

i didn’t mention i have remote mysql DB and it work:)

Hello Redman

in my experience the settings should be:

Server Type: Active Directory

Host IP:

Port: 389

BASE DN: DC=test,DC=local


Administrator DN: redman (only)

You can make a test or click the button “Save &Continue”

In the User Mapping page verify that the Usernmae Field is sAMAccountName

You can make a test or click the button “Save &Continue”

In the Group Mapping page:

Group Field:cn

Member Field: member

Description Field: description

click the button “Save &Continue”

And the Administrator Account Add one or more user from de LDAP (the user must exist in the Active Directory), example openfire, type and click the Add button, if the user is added, the configuration is correct

I hope to be helpful

sorry for my English

at the end i connect using administrator account i had to write


I have all the users, but i just cannot connect to server as client but on pendion i have

“disconnected from server”??

As login i write [user login from ad]@[IP address of openfire server]

in openfire log i dont have any info of someone trying to connect

Are you trying to authenticate using LDAP? If so, why are you logging on with user@OpenfireIP? Try just using your regular AD credentials to logon.

Yes I’m trying to use LDAP when im trying to login i type redman@

where is a Openfire server and “redman” is a AD LDAP user.

what kind of client application you recommend ???

Or if i should put in confoguration of client that server is on address and try to login using redman@test.local


Do you have Openfire installed on your DC? Try logging in as just <user>

but how the client installed on user PC will know here is the openfire server

Because of your LDAP configuration within the Openfire server. Your Spark client will hit the Openfire server, and pass the authentication that is provided in the user/pass to your DC.

So when you logon using the Spark client, you specify (a) Your Spark server (b) your AD username © your AD password

ok heh now I have to install spark, i was thinking i just need example Openfire + pidgin nothing else

tommorow @ work i will try put configuration with statick IP address of openfire an login


Well, you don’t have to install Spark - but if this is your first time setting things up, it will make it easier on you I think.

Any luck with this?

I still dosen’t work, I attached configuration of client application, i dont know why is showing me disconected from serwer when on openfire log i don’t see any attempt of connection, i change address to bind on configuration to from localhost



and… the final one: