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Another Group Issue

We are using WildFire 2.4.3 and Spark 1.0.4. Users can create their own custom groups and drag & drop existing contacts to the group. However they cannot drag these people off the visible screen to a group that may be all the way at the bottom. Nor can they right click and choose add contact. We’'ve tried the JID as shown in the contact, at most the contact nickname shows gray and then disappears the next time the user logs in. They never receive presence status for this.

Clients are all Windows XP SP2, we are authenticating against AD, but not using the groups from AD because of the presence issue with those groups.

Hi coesum,

It seems the mouse dragging is not causing a scrolling effect in the Contact List. I’'ve filed this issue to be fixed in the 1.1 release. Thanks for the report.

Tracking Issue# SPARK-178