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Another problem with reset password

I have openfire 4.1.0 - what is a official instructions to reset admin password ?
Many many people give different answers …

I try … update via mysql:
"UPDATE ofUser SET encryptedPassword=‘my new password’ WHERE username=‘user@domena.pl’
i try change config xml.

I canot find a solutions with docu

As far as I know ‘encryptedPassword’ must be cleared and ‘plainPassword’ must be set to new password. And after first successfull login with new password you just set up secure password in admin web-interface.

Sorry but this solutions does not work :frowning:

why a simple solution to the problem is raised to makes life difficult…

Maby solutions how to add aother user / admin ? I try insert in mysql seccond aaccound and not working and cannot log via web-interface

I found out that there are several steps to reset password.

  1. Stop the OPENFIRE

  2. In openfire.xml add bold marked lines

<!-- root element, all properties must be under this element -->
<!-- Disable either port by setting the value to -1 -->

  1. Execute command

UPDATE ofUser SET plainPassword = ‘newPassword’ , encryptedPassword=NULL WHERE ofUser.username = ‘admin’;

newPassword - place your new password here

admin - name of admin user

  1. Start OPENFIRE

And the last way: execute command INSERT INTO OFPROPERTY VALUES('admin.authorizedJIDs','admin@server_name,one_more_admin@server_name ').
I hope this way helps.

Thenx but this solutions open a new installer / new all configurations… ask me mysql connections user/ password etc…

If it starts new installation then you must check line in openfire.xml


If config file openfire.xml misses that string then web-interface starts in new installation mode. Add this parameter and you get normal web page.

I have this line