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Another Spark 2.5 beta 4 login bug

Using the following:

  • Latest (and last?) version of Wildfire

  • LDAP Authentication

  • Configuration that allows a user to be logged out after 1 login from another location.

When I:

  1. Login on one machine

  2. Go home to login to another

I get an error stating that I’'m already logged in (which is correct). However, when I login again, my user is logged out, but I get a incorrect username/password on the client and have to connect for a 3rd time to log in successfully.

This happens frequently to me, so is definately repeatable!

For further info, the issue would seem to be that whenever Spark logs in and that results in kicking another session out, the user gets a incorrect username/password error. However, in the back ground the other session is killed.

Further authentication attempts work fine.