Ant script bug

I’‘m not sure when this was introduced (this wasn’'t a problem before), but the current ant script will fail to complete the -jspc-impl target if there are whitespace characters in your buildpath (I had ‘‘wildfire (trunk)’’ ) It seems that this line (443) causes the problem:

<arg line="-uriroot ${web.dir}"/>

The ‘‘line’’ attribute of ‘‘arg’’ evaluates all content as individual, space-separated parameters. I’‘ve tried to rename the attribute to ‘‘value’’, but that evaluates the content as one big parameter, which fails as well (arg doesn’'t seem to recognize an param/value set).

I’‘m not really bothered by not being able to put spaces in the buildpath, but could the build.xml be modified to quit with an error if it occurs? It’'s confusing to see the job finish, and see an 404 when you try to access the admin panel.

Hey Guus,

Thanks for the bug report. It has been fixed now. You can get the latest code from SVN or wait for the next nightly build.


– Gato