Ant script

I’m not sure i understand how this ant script works. Here’s what the Spark Plug kit documentation says:

To easily build a Sparkplug, we have added a simple ANT script to create a deployed plug. To create, do the following: 1) Copy your java source files to the src directory.
2) Place any dependencies (besides Spark) into the lib directory.
3) Update the plugin.xml file to represent your plugin.
4) Go to the build directory, and type ant jar to build your plugin or
… type “ant run” to build and deploy your plugin directly to Spark and
have Spark startup to test your plugin right away. Your new plugin will be called myplugin.jar.

Is there supposed to be a script called ant in the spark plug kit? If there is, i don’t see it anywhere.

Any clarification here would be great.

So i didn’t realize that apache-ant was needed to build these plugins. Maybe that should be added in the plugin documentation perhaps…